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Leia P. (Gaithersburg, MD)

I came to Lim for anxiety and insomnia. My first visit I was nervous and even had a panic attack. He was very kind and patient and calmed me down. He tried another technique that worked perfectly. After my fourth visit I am sleeping through the night and am calm and relaxed during my visits. I look forward to my

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Selena A. (Washington, DC)

I have just started treatment with Dr. Lim and I have to say he is amazing!. I recently lost my boyfriend of 5 years. I started going to him for depression, loss of appetite, headaches and dizziness.

Within the first week of my initial treatment I must say I felt a huge difference. Headaches and dizziness are gone! My mood

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Lora V. (Washington, DC)

Mr. Lim has been extremely helpful. I suffered from chronic headaches, back pain, and anxiety and am happy to report that I am feeling much better. Mr. Lim is gentle and caring and knows what he is doing.

My insurance does not cover acupuncture, so I am paying out of pocket for treatment, and the rates are very reasonable.

B E. (Germantown, MD)

Mr.Lim is extremely talented and does what each individual needs to feel better. He has helped me with my chronic back pain and with ongoing anxiety as well. His cash out-of-pocket rate is extremely reasonable if your insurance doesn’t cover it and his times and appointment openings are very flexible as well. I would recommend this to anyone for any

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